Norway (July 2022)

Published at April 16, 2023

Norway: July 2022


The Gjende in all it's glory, with the Bessegen ridge continuing on the right.

At the time of writing this, about one year ago I embarked on a solo trip to Norway. I’d just been told I would be let go from my job and expected to be offered a new on starting in about 6-week’s time, and I saw the opportunity looming ahead of me to get away on some travels.

I remember everything coming together quickly, even handing in my notice a day before my interview for the new job, thinking that regardless of the outcome, I could go travelling. On the same day, I was offered the role and heard back from a farm in Norway with an offer to stay there later in July, and within a few days my flights were booked. A month later, I was on my way to Norway.